Garmin Dezl 760LMT Truck GPS Review


  • Designed Specifically For Trucks
  • Fully Trucking Customisable
  • Massive 7-Inch Screen
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Voice commands


  • Short Battery Life
  • Complicated Fuel Tracking
  • Expensive
  • Screen Glare Needed

Garmin Dezl 760LMT Truck

The Garmin Dezl 760LMT is Garmin’s latest truck specific gps unit designed specifically to help you with your truck and ensure that you don’t get lost, arrive at your destination on time and most importantly don’t use roads or highways that you will not be able to fit down either because there is a low bridge and you will not fit under or because there is a weight restriction and you’re too heavy. As with all things Garmin, when you buy a Garmin gps unit you know your buying quality and it will work now and long into the future.

The Dezl 760LMT comes with a massive, super shape, high-resolution 7-inch screen that allows you see your the turn-by-turn navigation and a whole host of extra features all that have been designed to help you get to your destination on time. The screen is fantastic and even when in direct sunlight you can easily see your directions.

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Once you have decided on your destination, switch on the truck gps unit using the small button on the top of the unit and you’re presented with Garmin’s super easy to use interface which allow you to enter your truck's height, weight and length and then navigate yourself to the navigation mode where you can enter your destination using the touchscreen keyboard and predictive text.

Navigation is very easy as the unit gives turn-by-turn direction using both on screen signal and voice directions. If you’re approaching a difficult interchange, automatically the unit switches into its active lane guidance mode which means that the screen splits into two screen with one showing an over head view of the interchange and the other showing a graphic design of the highway and brightly coloured arrows to show you which lane you should be in to take the right road to your destination. In addition, you will also be shown danger warnings such as sharp bends, exit services ahead and lateral winds, plus trucking points of interest (POIs).

Given the 760LMT comes with both lifetime map updates meaning that you will always have the latest map update on your unit and Lifetime Digital Traffic updates which take into account any traffic jams when calculating a route you can be sure that the truck gps unit will get you to your destination as fast as possible.

Whilst driving you can either have the choice of using the whole 7-inch screen to show directions to your destination, you can also use a split screen mode which will split the screen into two parts with one side showing your route to your destination and the other showing Garmin's driving information such as your current speed and the speed limit of the road, weather information, time to destination and even any points of interest such as trucking specific stopovers or gas machines.

Whilst the unit does comes with preloaded maps on the US, you can use the smartphone link which makes the unit compatible with your smartphone or home computer to update maps, add further maps or even use the trip planner mode that enables you create routes on your smartphone or home computer and then download them to your gps unit.

As an added benefit the smartphone link can also be used to share information about where you have been. For example the gps unit will keep a record of the number of miles driven, fuel usage, you speed and your route which can be transferred onto your computer and be used in filling out logbooks, tax materials, and other forms.

Extra features include Bluetooth, built-in microphone and speaker for voice control and Cyclops Speed Camera alerts which help to show where any speed cameras are located. Buy Directly On

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