Garmin Dezl DashCam LMTHD GPS Truck Navigator Review


  • Crystal Clear 6-inch Touch-Screen Display
  • Ability To Enter Your Trucks Dimensions
  • Clean and Easy-To-Use Maps
  • Built-In DashCam To Continuously record your drive 
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates
  • Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts


  • Large Unit and Pretty Heavy
  • Expensive
  • No Dash Board Options
Garmin Dezl DashCam LMTHD GPS Truck Navigator Review

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Garmin Dezl DashCam Truck Navigator

The Garmin dezlCam LMTHD is Garmin’s first attempted at an all-in-one trucking navigator that comes with both a trucking specific GPS to help you get your truck to your destination whilst keeping out of trouble with any low bridges or restricted zones and a built-in Dash Cam that acts as an onboard eyewitness and saves your driving information directly onto an in-built hard drive to be used later if you have any problems. Dash Cam’s have become the rage over the last few years as it’s a great way really prove what really happened with an incident in front of you.

Given the DezlCam comes with both a trucking specific gps unit and a dashcam, it is both slightly large and slightly heavier than the standard Dezl Truck GPS, however when in use, you hardly notice the difference given it also comes with a sturdy mount that clips directly onto the windscreen. The screen is Garmin’s all new 2015, Glass, six inch pinch and zoom screen which gives the trucking navigator a fantastic solid feel while the pinch and zoom feature works well, even when your hands are dirty or covered with gloves.

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Once you’ve loaded your truck and are ready to go, simply press the on-off switch on the back on the Garmin DashCam GPS unit to switch it on and reveal Garmin’s super easy to use interface where you will find everything that you need to get to your destination on time. First up, you’re going to need to enter your truck dimensions so that the gps device can calculate your route based on where your truck will be able to fit and where it will not. Secondly you need to enter your trucks destination using the full keyboard that allows you to enter either the zip code or city to find where you need to go.

The gps works quickly to find the best route to get to your destination, whilst avoid obvious potful’s such as restricted zones, major traffic problems and even mountainous routes.Both maps and the turn-by-turn directions are fantastic and work very well whilst giving you plenty of information to help you along your route. Giving the DashCam comes with a large screen, the maps provide plenty of information outside of the usual directions to include points of interest, mile markers, time zone changes and alerts drivers to state and country borders.

As expected the directions on all the new Garmin’s gps systems work well and this Garmin Dashcam is no exception and includes both Garmin’s Real Directions where your gps unit is more likely to tell you to turn left after the petrol station, rather than the old style of, in 500 yards, turn right and the dual screen meaning that when you approach a difficult interchange the trucking designed gps device automatically switches into a dual screen mode where oneside of the screen shows your directions and the other shows an image of the crossroad and brightly coloured arrows to show which lane you should be in.Like all the latest Garmin’s, the Garmin DashCam comes with a massive trucking specific points of interest database which will show you Gas Stations and over night-stays and restaurants and dinners along your route, a history of log of your hours worked and many other gadgets and information all to help you get to your destination on time.

As the name suggests, the Garmin DashCam is both a GPS unit and a Dash mounted camera that has been designed video what you see and continually record video footage while you drive the truck. If in the terrible event that you have an accident, the DashCam will record the truth which will help you prove your innocence.

The DashCam not only records the image in front, but can also record other information such as your location, speed, date, time and if you are involved in an accident, you can use the camera as a normal camera to take pictures of the accident and view back at a later date.

Overall we love the DashCam, given that the navigation performance is easily as good as the more well known Garmin Dezl, whilst at the same time you also have the benefit of a dash camera to help you along route. With this Garmin, there never needs to be another time when your unsure who is in the wrong if you happen to have an accident.

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