Car GPS Navigator Accessories 2021 – Buyers Guide

Have you just bought yourself a new GPS for your car?  Do you like it, but feel that it simply needs a few upgrades to really help it perform at it's best?  If the answer is yes, then this is the page for you as we have all the best rated gps accessories reviews from across the entire market.  

With all the best car gps units across the market, we have found that they all need a few extra's to make them perform at their best.  On another note, maybe you have bought a cheap gps unit for your car and need few upgrades then we also have this covered. We also have bought a few gps units in our time and one thing that we have always hated is the gps mounts.  

They are just not up and scratch and we find, probably because it's cold in the winter we find that the mount simply does not stay attached to the windscreen for very long.  The problem is that if you go for an up-graded mount which is fixed to your windscreen and uses a magnet to secure the gps, you are simply inviting criminal by telling them that you have a gps sat in your car.

This is where gps accessories come into play as they offer you a range of upgrades from mounts to screen glares all that have been designed to support your gps unit to perform at it's best.  Below we have the Top 10 Accessories that you really should look at for your GPS unit.

Garmin Mounts

Garmin Friction Mount

Garmin Portable Friction Mount

The Garmin friction mount is one of the best friction mounts that money can buy.  If you have bought yourself a Garmin GPS unit, then get yourself a Garmin friction mount and save the time and effort of trying to fix your gps to your windscreen.  We have one of these and have tested it over the years.  Unless you're doing some serious off-road rally driving then this friction mount is solid as a rock and will not be moving around your dashboard.  It's a must buy.

Garmin Air Vent Mount

Garmin Air Vent Mount

Really not going to trust us or the customer reviews above?  Get yourself the air vent mount which does a very similar job as above, but also means that your gps is a lot closer to you.  

This is great especially when you have a large car and need to press buttons directly on your gps unit.  We love this, but do find it annoying that it only takes up to the 5-inch gps units and secondly does have the annoying effect of getting really hot especially when the heating is on it the car.  Pumping hot air into the back of your gps cannot be good the unit in the long run, however in the short term I don't think there is a problem.

Fitting is easy and there is no need to leave bracket behind meaning that it's safe.  To attach, simply fix the bracket directly onto your heater vent and use directly.​

TomTom GPS Mounts

TomTom GPS Dashboard Mount 

TomTom GPS Dashboard Mount for TomTom GPS Navigators

The TomTom GPS Dashboard Mount for TomTom GPS Navigators is TomTom's version of a gps mount that does not need to be attached to your windscreen and can be simply placed on your dashboard whilst being able to keep your gps in one place as long as you're doing everything but some serious rally driving - Here's what it too to make ours fall off.  We hate those windscreen mounts, and this gps mount is a real life safer that we don't think you should do with out.  If you're buying a TomTom gps, then buy yourself a TomTom dashboard mount and save yourself a mountain of problems. 

Universal GPS Mounts

i.Trek Universal Dashboard Mount with Built-In Holder

i.Trek Universal Dashboard Mount 

The I.Trek Mount is the first universal mount, however it's also the best universal mount on the market given it's simple design, but fantastic performance.

The ​design works by using a combination of a friction mount to fix itself to your dashboard, but at the same time being very easy to remove and store away from prying eyes and a crocodile grip that will clap your gps together and fix in in place. Again, performance is fantastic, but it only works with the smaller gps units.

Garmin GPS Cover's 

Garmin Neoprene Sleeve Case

Garmin Neoprene Sleeve Case

Need a case for your Garmin GPS unit? Look no further than this Garmin sleeve cover that can be used to protect your gps unit when it's not being used.  This is a great buy given it's very simple to use, yet protects your gps from the elements.  The major downside, it's a sleeve and therefore there is no room for your charger or adapters.

TomTom GPS Covers

Charger-City Exclusive 5-inch GPS Hard Case

Charger-City Exclusive 5-inch GPS Hard Case

The Charger-City Exclusive Hard Case is one of the best TomTom cases on the market right now and offers users a hard case to store their gps units over time.  Given it's a case it offer both security and ensures that you ca carry both your gps unit and everything that goes with your gps unit all in one box meaning that you're never going loose a single part of your GPS unit.

GPS Screen Glares

GPS Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

GPS Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

Going to use yourself in direct sunlight?  Get yourself a screen glare and save any problems on not being able to se your gps unit in either direct sun-light or night time use.

GPS Insurance

GPS Insurance

GPS Insurance

Spills? Drops? Cracks? No worries. Accidents happen and the worst thing that happens is that you have buy yourself a whole new gps unit for your car.  Here's where insurance comes into play and the Assurant 360 Accidental plan covers you to the max.

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