Motorcycle GPS Satellite Navigation Accessories (Update January 2021)

You have just bought yourself a new motorcycle gps unit, maybe you have taken our recommendation and bought yourself a TomTom Rider GPS Navigator, either the way you're most likely going to need a few upgrades from the basic packages to really get the best out of your GPS unit.  

First up, it's a great idea to buy a screen glare as whilst the new motorcycle gps units come with fantastic glass screens, it's still a great idea for those times when you're riding along in direct sunlight on a bright summer day when even the best screens cannot keep up with the sun.

Of all the Motorcycle GPS accessories that we have reviewed over the years, our favourite is still the Nelson-Rigg CL-GPS-ST Black Strap GPS Mount which we think is a must buy given that it offers plenty of space for your GPS unit, your mobile and any other accessories that you want to buy and put on your motorcycle.  Most importantly, it's cheap and offers great value for money.

ChargerCity Exclusive 5" Screen Water Resistant GPS Case

All Terrain 4.3 Inch Motorcycle GPS Navigation System

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